Whole house water filter review

We need to care about our health, and one of the most important things of our healthy life is pure water. You need to be sure of water quality you use for drinking, cooking, washing or bathing. If you know that your water contains some contaminants or pollutants, you need to think of buying one of the best whole house water filter systems. It’s choice can depend on many reasons – installation process, value and time to change cartridges or filters, the way of replacing filters, which ones are the best for well water, or water from municipal system, price, warranty and lots of reports and reviews with positive and negative feedbacks, which you can see on the internet.

Advantages of a whole house water filter

  • You have pure water for each of your needs

  • Filters usually work for you for a long time (3-5 years, depending on the type)

  • Long filter life makes the value of such systems rather affordable

  • Due to the long filter life, they are a relatively inexpensive way to have clean household water

Best whole house water filters


iAquasana’s whole-house water filters systems are good for both sources of your water, either municipal system water or well water.  These systems are NSF certified and they reduce 97 percent of the chlorine for a very good price. Aquasana’s systems remove all the contaminants, chemicals and chlorine without removing minerals, at the same time, they are very easy to maintain. Rhino whole house water filter by Aquasana will remove up 99 percent of contaminants from your water including chemicals, bacteria, heavy metals and scale.

Reverse osmosis whole house water filters can be different, but every of them does a great job on purification your water in a few stages, which makes it crystal pure, fresh and healthy. Though most of them are designed for residential use.

The Culligan water filter systems are usually very small clear plastic container which contains a disposable filter cartridge. There is a cut off valve on the top of the filter which can be used to shut off the incoming water to allow you to easily replace the cartridges as needed. The Culligan reduces chlorine for 90 percent, but it is not very fast, what causes loss in water pressure. It is easy to replace and all the parts can be bought separately.

Pelican whole house carbon water filter is a long lasting system, but it has a disadvantage – it needs difficult media replacement. It works fast and has high flow rate. It is easy to maintain after installation. This series is one of the most powerful whole house filters on the market.

Whirlpool reverse osmosis whole house water filter provides clean fresh water around the house, which is good for drinking and cooking, reducts chlorine and protecs your plumbing and appliances. Any Whirlpool system will deliver you a water purity equal to bottled water.

Dupont whole house water filter makes clean your entire home’s water, it will reduce sediments, which will extend the life of appliances, processing water. Such systems usually use a 2-phase carbon filter, which remove smallest particles and other contaminants.