Pelican Carbon Series Whole House Filter system

Untreated tap water is very rare clean, usually it contains contaminants and microorganisms, which can be dangerous for your health. Research shows that drinking water contains chemicals, that means you drink and use water which filled with toxic materials. Whole house water filter system would solve every problem, caused by unfiltered water. One of the best systems is considered to be Pelican whole house water filter.

The Pelican Carbon Series has a reasonable price, functions for a long time, is rather easy to install and doesn’t need its parts to be changes often.

This Pelican water filter review will help you to choose the one which would be the best for you.

Reasons to choose Pelican Water Filter



  • large diameter of the tank can hold a large amount of water filtration carbon media that increases the performance and lifespan

  • the replacemenr cost is very low compared to the competitors

  • easy replacing off the media inside the tank

  • excellent performance for a good price and design

The Pelican water filtration process

  • first stage – a 5 micron pre-filter system, which removes sand, slit, sediment and debris

  • second and third stages – Pelican water filter removes chlorine, pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals

  • forth stage – a copper-zinc reduction oxidation media reduces bacteria nad algae in your water

You will need to change the tank of Pelican whole house water filter system once in five years as its capacity is 600,000 to one million gallons. The sediment prefilter is to be replaced every six to nine months. The water filter features a stainless steel design and one large cartridge. The Pelican water filter has a five-year performance guarantee, which means it is very reliable and will work for you for a long time. We couldn’t find any Pelican water filter complaints, what proves its being rather good , having a nice design and low price.

Softener and filter – both functions in one device

If you have a hard water and need not only filtaration system, but softening one as well, then the best device to choose will be the Pelican PSE1800 whole house water filter and softener. It has the highest quality af manufacturing and performance. This product combines softening and filtration of whole home water. It is very easy to install and maintain.

Pelican PSE1800 – if you are interested in filtering the chlorine and contaminants in your water along with eliminating the negative effects of hard water without the use of salt.

Pelican water filter reviews say that the system is designed for a long term of trouble-free service, and don’t contain any complaints. This system is easy to install in any home and has a 600,000 to 1,000,000 gallons fer 5 years. It reduces chlorine, sediment, tastes, odors that may be present in your water. The stainless steel design makes this tank much more attractive than many similar water filters, and the warranty is among the best.

Buy the Pelican water filter and find out the benefits of crystal pure water from every tap in your house. It will be the investment which you never regret about.