How to Install a PurTest House System

Why do we need water filter system?

Clean, fresh and healthy water is a very important and necessary part of our life and health. We need to take care about our water being a good quality and safety. Especially if we get water from our own well, as there can be many dangerous micro-organisms, bacteria and pathogenic contaminants which can cause different diseases. The best way to avoid risks and make your life safe is to install whole house water filter. Pure water filter will help you to reach healthier life and a safer environment.

Before you install water filter system, you will have to choose one the whole house water filters on the market. Your choice must be based on the test of your water. It is necessary to determine which contaminants and impurities are in your water so that you could buy the water filter system which would give you all the benefits.


Features of PurTest whole house water filter system

PurTest whole house water filter system


The system is designed in a special way – an ultraviolet lamp places into a single quartz sleeve. It is integrated in a pressure chamber with a stainless-steel finish. Before installing steps it will be good to know what is PurTest water filter system. It has different types of alarms which will make its maintenance much easier, internal resettable clock, optional solenoid for safe disinfection, polished stainless steel chamber. The water filter system is built in flow control and it is provided with 10 year warranty on disinfection chamber.

What do you need to know before you install a PurTest whole house water filter

You need to install your whole house water filtration system following the instructions which are given with the unit. Every unit will be a little different, so you cannot use general instructions, but better follow the one which comes with the water filter system you have bought.

On installing the unit, it is necessary to isolate it from vibration, heavy equipment and poorly connected piping. The incoming water temperature and operating pressure should be determined and meet the ones which are required for the particular water filter system. A proper flow control must be used as well as water of a good quality which will give the unit a clean start. Also you need to remember that any U.V. disinfection unit must be grounded properly. There is a need to disconnect electrical power to any unit before servicing.

The PurTest water filter systems are usually installed in a vertical position in the area with good ventilation

Installing steps

  • You need to turn off the water before you cut the unit into the water line.
  • The pipe type and the line size needs to be analyzed, after that you create plumbing fitting for the installation of the water filter system.
  • The PurTest whole house water filter system comes with mounting box, which is very comfortable to use while you are securing the device to the wall.
  • After these installing steps you need to mount the quartz sleeve and turn on the water to be sure that there are no leaks.
  • When the unit is ready to filtration process you must plug it into a 110V outlet, and then the lamp show a blue light.

If anything seems to be wrong for you, it is better to consult the instruction manual. Or, if you are not sure of your ability to install the pure water filter properly, you can always make your life easier and call the licensed plumber to do the job for you.


The only purpose that a unit of this type has is removing bacteria, micro-organisms and other pollutants which may do a harm to your health. It will do an excellent job in making the quality, taste and smell of your water close to perfect. You will be safe from many diseases which can be caused by the bacteria from your water. You will feel the difference between the water before filtration process and after, and you won’t regret having bought the whole house water filter system.