How to Install a PurTest House System Properly

Not everyone has a chance to live close to mountain stream where a person can drink natural water. As far as most people live in large urban areas they must rely on loaded-with-chlorine commercial water distribution systems. Here’s an unpleasant truth – a huge number of contaminants and toxins are uncovered in private and public water supplies.


To make the water fresh and clean take benefits out of water filtering options. Why not to use pure water filter system on your property? A PurTest House water filter system will surely make your water much cleaner! If you are looking to protect your home water sources from contaminants and toxic chemicals, PurTest whole house water filter system is your best bet.

PurTest whole house water filter system

Agree, installing a pure water filter system that can cover up your entire house is the best solution. Those who install water filter system can easily protect all sources of contaminated water on their property. Learn what the function of whole house water filter is and how easy installing steps can be.

The function of PurTest water filter system

The function of PurTest ultraviolet disinfection unit is to provide 99% reduction of all pathogenic bacteria in your water. With this pure water filter system you will effectively sweep away micro-organisms in your water supplies.

Are you worried about pure water filter system installation? To make installing steps much easier, follow our recommendations.  Here is how to install water filter system properly.

Step by step PurTest system installation

Before making any installing steps, read the instructions (manual) given with the product. Whether you are the owner or operator you need to carefully follow all the guidelines in the manual.

To install water filter system in a safe manner:


  • Make all plumbing connections.
  • Install a protective rain guard shield for outdoor application.
  • Carefully examine whole house water filter system after installation.
  • Don’t operate Pure water filter system if it has a damaged power plug, in case if it is damaged in any manner or malfunctioning.
  • Observe and learn all the essential warnings and notices on the PurTest water filter system.


Install water filter system using the following installing steps:


  1. Turn off the water in the house before cutting into the water line.
  2. Assess the installation of your whole house water filter system and obtain necessary plumbing fittings for it.
  3. Secure unit – using the mounting box – to wall or other surface. Allow enough room to install, clean or replace the quartz sleeve.
  4. After mounting you need to install quartz sleeve and bulb due to instructions.
  5. To prevent chipping or breaking carefully handle quartz sleeves. Turn on the water and check for leaks.
  6. Plug the unit – after it is full of water – into a grounded 110V outlet. Look at the lamp that must show a bright blue glow. If there will be any problems with your water filter system, consult trouble shooting guide.

UV lamps installing steps

It is as easy to install UV lamp as it is to install water filter system. To install or service ultraviolet lamp do the following:

  1. Make sure the unit is unplugged.
  2. Remove any paper tabs on ultraviolet lamp.
  3. Place the bulb inside the quartz sleeve.
  4. To secure the lamp in place, insert polyurethane protective end caps into the quartz open ends.

Recommendations: Water supply should be tested yearly – periodically – through approved certified laboratory or your local health department.


Benefits of installing PurTest water filter system

  • PurTest whole house water filter system is an efficient method to provide clean water for your house or office.
  • PurTest water filter system is easy to maintain with only annual lamp replacement and periodic cleaning of sleeve.
  • The unit has visual and audible alarms.
  • Pure water filter system is one of the most efficient water treatment methods on the market.
  • Easy installing steps.
  • PureTest whole house water filter system is economical to use.


Install water filter system, get bacteria-free water and enjoy your pure water filter right now.