How to Improve the Taste of Your Coffee with Keurig Water Filter

1No matter what Keurig brewing system you have, the problem is your coffee can be contaminated by other intruding influences.  Therefore purchasing water filter Keurig is the best solution. Speedy-to-operate Keurig machines have become really popular these days. They are super-convenient and easy to clean. Now you can improve the taste of your coffee by using water filter for Keurig coffee maker.

Keurig platinum water filter, Keurig Vue water filter – nowadays you can easily buy a water filter for Keurig and get better results when preparing coffee.


Why you need to purchase a water filter: Keurig water filter review

As far as tea and coffee are 98% water – which is not usually good for high quality coffee – the water you use to produce some excellent beverage should be of high quality. The “hardness” of water affects the brew flavor and reduces the life of the equipment.

Keurig coffee maker water filter will work great for those who have very hard water and want to make their Keurig experience even better. You can use Keurig water filter cartridges for your Keurig B30, B60, B70 etc.

Water filters for Keurig coffee makers are really beneficial. You can purchase Keurig two water filter cartridges for just $3.59, 6 water filter cartridges for $15.50 or a perfect water filter starter kit.

Keurig water filter starter kit

2Those who want to enjoy delicious coffee with clean, filtered water can take advantage out of Keurig water filter kit which comes with 2 replacement cartridges. The water filter is easy-to-use. Simply insert it into your water reservoir to degrade the taste of coffee. It is recommended to replace Keurig water filter cartridge every 2 months.


Keurig water filter instructions


Due to water reservoir of Keurig coffee makers, the coffee maker doesn’t have to be refilled each time the coffee beverage is made. Keurig water filter replacement is an easy to do task if you will follow all the instructions.  With the help of a convenient indicator you will always know when the filter should be replaced or removed. To change a water filter on a Keurig coffee maker, do the following:


  1. Lift the water filter assembly out of Keurig brewer’s water reservoir.
  2. Then place the new water filter in a cup (bowl) of water until the filter is completely wet.
  3. Turn the dial – to remind you when water filter should be replaced next – on the top of the water filter.
  4. Remove Keurig old water filter and insert the new one into the filter slot.
  5. The last step is to insert the water filter into the Keurig water reservoir. To ensure the filter is properly inserted push down on the reservoir.


Keurig B60 water filter as well as Keurig B70 water filter is easy to install. Those who have single cup brewing system – such as Keurig Elite B40 – can purchase Keurig Water Filter Refills. The kit includes 6 water filter cartridge refills. The filter refill should be placed into the water filter assembly. Simply insert the water reservoir and your brewing system will be ready in just seconds.