Brita water filter review – which one is better?

We need to drink around 1,5 litres of water everyday. But not only the volume of it is important for us to stay health, the water quality has a significant effect oh your health. In order to have clean, fresh and healthy water with great taste you need to install water filter, especially it is needed in some geographical areas where the quality of water is bad. Chlorine in water is one of the biggest problems which spoils the taste and odor of your water. If your target is removing this chemical from the water, you need to water filter. One of the ways to buy it is looking for some at Walmart.

Types of Brita filters

1The Brita technology reduces unpleasant and unwanted substances, such as limescale, metals, organic impurities, pesticides and chlorine taste and odor.

There are different Brita water filter pitchers which are very comfortable and easy to use in everyday life for making drinks and cooking. Usually pitchers have stick filter indicators to let you know when the filter needs replacement. Water filter cartridges can filter about 40 gallons of water, that means – you need to replace it every two months.

One more decision when you want to drink crystal pure healthy water and don’t spend money for the bottled water is using Brita water bottle with filter. It will provide you with water of a good quality wherever you go. It is very comfortable to use and easy to take it with yourself.

Brita water bottle with filter is a great choice when you want to drink clean and healthy water wherever you go.

Brita vs Pur water filter

The pitcher is one of the most convenient water filters, as its price is very affordable, and you use it only when you need. When you need to change the filter it is very easy to do, so which one would be the best for your needs?

Pur water filter removes much more contaminants from the water than the competitors at the market. If you live in the area with really bad or even black water, it is going to be the best choice to get the water of an excellent quality. It works slower any other water filter pitcher, but it is usual for type of water quality. To cut it short – if your tap water is not so bad or black, it will be enough for you to buy Brita water filter, as Pur will be just waste of time and money. Though the difference between Brita and Pur is not so significant.

Brita vs Zero water filter

Zeroo water filter is based on 5-stage filtration system, it is certified for removing chronium, lead and mercury. You will need to buy it if you know that water in your area is polluted with these contaminants. Also it is better in its design – very easy to fit in a corner of your counter.

So when comparing Brita vs Pur water filter, or Brita vs Zero water filter, it is clear that every filter fit good for a particular type of water and particular contaminants.

Does the Brita water filter work? It does, for sure, but it must be chosen carefully, taking into account all the water features in order to gain the target of getting fresh healthy water for a good price and with high efficiency.