Berkey Water Filter Systems

Berkey® Water Filter & Its 3 Superior Benefits

In Normal, Hostile, Emergency Filtration Environments



Berkey® purification system is proud to offer virtually the purest drinking water available today for the good of everyone’s health. Every Berkey® water filter review makes findings of its reliability and convenience, cost effectiveness and user-friendliness, versatility and tastefulness. All in one, they help this brand and its water filtration stand apart from other systems. Even a homemade Berkey® water filter demonstrates how pathogenic viruses, cysts, parasites and bacteria, as well as harmful chemical impurities, have no chance for survival, being eliminated within minutes, once and for all. As a result, you drink really clean and thus, delicious and nourishing water, no matter whether it is treated or raw (untreated)! Natural purification marked as ‘Berkey®’ is probably the ideal personal protection for health-conscious people in normal, hostile & emergency environments.

Let Berkey® Water Filter Reviews Say about 3 Superior Benefits


Water – the true foundation of life – has nothing in common with what you may expect to drink buying bottled water. Except that it is expensive and of doubtful provenance, there are so many contaminants, chemicals, heavy metals, red food coloring and chlorine, producing unpleasant taste and odor. Moreover, many filtration systems remove all those beneficial minerals, instead of hazardous substances. So, does good water purification exist? Yes, of course!


  1. Berkey® water filter uses a highly effective gravity method developed nearly 200 years ago and used by organizations like UNICEF, Red Cross Societies, Peace Corps & international missionaries in over 140 countries all over the world. How does it work? In the upper chamber, exclusive natural purifiers capture all the contaminants & chemicals within micro-porous elements, in order to separate them from the water. In the lower chamber, the treated water is collected to be drawn through a spigot.


2. Berkey® elements are re-usable and extremely durable, while Berkey® systems are simple to maintain and elegant enough to become an attraction of any home. No plumbing, electricity, water pressure or tools are necessary to assemble Big Berkey® water filter, Royal® water filter, or Light® water filter. As a result, such a filtration seems to be the most economical system you can ever own.


3. The power of Berkey® is custom made for convenient & efficient water purification of either ordinary tap water or raw, untreated water (e.g. lakes, streams, ponds, etc.). Therefore, Berkey® water filter is a must-have in the event of such natural disasters as floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, blackouts, as well as national emergencies. With Berkey®, treated water is always available at the right time and place: on hunting & camping trips, on pleasure craft vacations, during RVs, etc.

Well, the Berkey® secret (but never the Berkey® water filter scam!) combines the advanced technologies and high-quality materials with the age-old filtration strategy – a truly revolutionary approach for elementary and global needs. Jim Sheppard, the founder, once dreamed of taking the water from some outside source and making it purified enough to drink. His vision has started Berkey® water filtration:


*The Big Berkey® is ideal for large-sized families (up to 16 members) or during emergencies.

*The Royal Berkey® is ideal for large-sized families (up to 26 members) or during emergencies.

*The Berkey® Light is ideal for use in any setting (up to 20 members), though it’s been originally designed to become a portable, low-cost & lightweight alternative to overall stainless steel units.

*The Berkey® Fluoride removes the targeted contaminants (Fluoride, Arsenic III/V, MTBE, heavy metal ions) from the water and reduces their amount by 95%, working as a post filter compatible to all Berkey® systems.

*The Black Berkey® removes 100% of pathogens and sets a new standard – purifiers, not filters!


A single Berkey® water filter problem is to choose a right model. So, find out how it works, which size it is, and whether it meets your personal needs.